We are a software design firm interested in medical/scientific realism in video games as a vehicle for delivering entertainment and education to today's youth.The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar organism, and it has grown to touch the lives of nearly all young people in the developed world. As such, it represents an outstanding yet largely untapped means of educating the leaders of tomorrow, especially within the large multiplayer online games. One of our goals, to give example, is to help the industry to establish new standards for the application of trauma in the rapidly expanding world of cyber realities, so that upcoming generations can gain a better understanding of how their bodies function. As an important related goal, we are planning to expand our focus in the direction of medical simulations to help train health professionals in the near future.

      Our current project is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer RPG ("Fall of Atom"), which will be a sandbox-like survival game in the wasteland in and around Cleveland, Ohio in the 2030's, fifty years after a nuclear war between the United States and Soviet Russia. While the game will contain the usual elements of science-fictions entertainment that gamers have grown to expect, it will center on the difficulties of survival in a nearly-dead world. Characters will need to eat, drink, find shelter, keep warm, cool off, maintain their morale, and navigate a host of other challenges related to the dangers of a wasteland world. We plan to have our first beta game by the Fall of 2016.