Harold Ickes MD - CEO, Core programmer and Lead Designer for the Fall of Atom Project
Harold is passionate about science and realism in game creation. His favorite games include Fallout, Morrowind and Mars Saga. He received his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and has undergraduate degrees in chemistry and biology. He is currently a practicing physician and avid computer programmer in northeast Ohio.He also has graduate training in physics... so much so that he considers himself a physicist at heart.

* Bachelor of Science - Biology, University of Toledo
* Bachelor of Arts - Chemistry, University of Toledo
* Bachelor of Arts - World History, University of Toledo
* Medical Degree - Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
* Internal Medicine Physician, Cleveland area hospital
* Graduate experience in Physics, Clemson University
* 15+ years of C++ programming

Margaret Li - 2D Artist, 3D Assets Developer
Margaret is currently a senior in Video Game Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She has experience in various forms of art: painting, drawing, digital art, animation, and 3D modeling. She strives to utilize the potential of video games in order to captivate the player and make an impact on society.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cleveland Institute of Art

Paul Morilak - 3D Assets Developer
Paul has aspired to make games, either for a living or hobby, since he was in the second grade. Being a fan of games like Gunstar Heroes, Rollercoaster Tycoon, F-Zero, Half-Life and Resident Evil series, he takes inspiration from a multitude of different game genres. He specializes in 3D modeling and animation as well as web development, but also has knowledge of various oriented programming languages. Paul is an avid roller coaster enthusiast and adorer of cats.

* Associate Degree in Applied Business: Visual Communication and Design, Interactive Media
* Short Term Certificate in Game Design: Cuyahoga Community College
* Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and Digital Media candidate, Baldwin Wallace University

Clayton Stroup - Sound and Music Artist
Clayton is a musician and music educator based in Dallas, TX. With several years teaching experience and having self published a number of arrangements for percussion instruments, he has recently shifted towards music composition with a focus on the video game genre. Having a versatile skill set, he strives to enhance games with richly orchestrated soundtracks.

* Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance, University of North Texas
* Music Technician at Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps 2009 - 2010,
* Music Educator in the Dallas, TX area since 2008.

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